Ever heard the phrase, “going bodmin”?

It’s a Cornish slang for “going mad”. A madness induced by the empty vastness of Cornwall’s mist-filled moors and lonely countryside.

It’s a weird sort of gladness too — a gladness born of freedom to be whoever you like, because there’s no one looking. It giggles with pleasure at silly, idiotic things, and it rolls its eyes at the seriousness with which the world is always taking itself.

Bodmin Magazine loves that sort of crazy. Because it gives you, and us, an empty slate to write our new, self-empowered glad-living persona on.

We choose `lifestyle’ as the vehicle of our voice, but we don’t sell it.

We talk of fashion and food and travel and home and relationships and everything else that makes you feel glad to be alive; we analyze all the gobblefunk on trends and give you some really cool how-to advice and DIY tips that you can use in practical life.

We empower you with ideas, thoughts and offbeat inspirations.

We turn you into  Bodmin-heads

Because unless you break out of the grid of a stereotypical existence and `go a little bodmin’, you can never really get to meet yourself — or know the truest, fullest potential of who you’re meant to be.


— Nabanita Dutt


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