6 Ways To Fight Depression Naturally With Red In Your Home Decor

Infusing your current home décor with a hearty red can help heal wounds of negativity in the air, and replace vibrations of depressive energy with some powerful optimism




A home is more than just a living space. It’s made up of energy – same as us – and we are constantly affected by its vibrations. If you’ve been depressed lately, or the sensation of being out of control, sad or unappreciated has felt stronger when you’re in bed or watching TV, you probably need to do something to naturally balance your home’s vibrations.

Infusing your current décor with a hearty red can help fight depression naturally, and replace vibrations of sluggish melancholy with some powerful optimism.

The color is given pride of place in many Oriental cultures for all the good energy it brings to a space. Advertisers and marketers use a lot of red because humans are wired to `take action’ when faced with the color. It’s the Root or 1st Chakra color that controls sexual energy, passion and love. It’s the universal, sacred symbol of viable, organic life.

Introducing red in your living space can clear up energy blockages, create paths to new possibilities and multiply your actionable options. And we’ll show you how with a short list of red-décor do’s and don’ts.

How-red-helps-to-fight-depression naturally

#1 Fight Depression Naturally With A red front door

♦ ♦ ♦ A red front door attracts positive vibrations into the house – but only if it is south or south-west facing. Don’t use red if the door is facing any other direction.


#2 Fight Depression Naturally With Red in the Living Room

 ♦ ♦ There is such a thing as too much red, and the living room is one place where the color has to be introduced in moderation. Otherwise, you risk negative situations in social interactions caused by all the excess red energy.


#3 Fight Depression Naturally With Red in the Bedroom

 ♦ ♦ Red promotes sexual relationships, and therefore is a prime bedroom color choice for couples and hopeful singles.

How-to-use-red-to fight depression naturally in the home

#4 Fight Depression Naturally With Red in the Kitchen

♦ ♦ ♦  Ruled by the clean, auspicious element of fire, the kitchen is an area of your house that will always benefit from the vital energies of the red color.


#5 Fight Depression Naturally With Red in your Outdoor Space

♦ ♦ ♦  Red re-energizes the free-flowing energy in your outdoor area, and your home benefits with the addition of some red elements in your yard/patio décor.


#6 Fight Depression Naturally With A Red-hate Solution

♦ ♦ ♦  If red isn’t a natural color choice for you, but you still want the vibrations of red in your home, a happy middle ground would be to choose a few small accessories in the color.

As long as you put `intent’ into your selection. Be conscious of why you’re adding red to your décor. Visualize bad energy departing from your space and the grace of red firing up your home with fresh energy and motivation. Take joy in this thought.

A color or a curative object is like a blank disc until you `record’ your intent into it. With that done, look forward to a home atmosphere that definitely feels lighter, happier and more optimistic about events in the future.